I have been on the leading edge of modern shortboard design since the dawn of the fabled “shortboard revolution” of the late 60’s and early 70’s, deeply involving myself with some of the best surfer/shapers ever including greats George Downing, Mike Hynson, Mike Diffenderfer and Terry Fitzgerald. From 1967 through 1971, Gerry Lopez and I surfed together and learned to shape directly from Dick Brewer.

Dick first mentored me as a teen test pilot for his shapes, while lovingly apprenticing me into his shaping system and technique. We three were practically our own conspiracy within the design revolution itself (whose motto was most certainly, “Shorter, Lighter, and Faster”) testing and developing many of today’s standard shortboard design features from mere ideas and theories into truly functional innovations.

Just some of these true breakthroughs of the time were the first mini-guns with vee-bottoms, the tri-fin (2+1 fin set –up), the first nose-to-tail down-railed boards, the extensive use of flats and concaves in bottom shapes to induce speed and the wide use of wing (multi-winged) designs. It is interesting to note here today, that nearly forty-odd years later, Rusty Priesendorfer’s highly popular swallow-wing and especially his double-winged swallow shapes are designs I personally created/shaped, rode and standardized in the early ‘70’s while shaping for Lightning Bolt here in Hawaii.

In short, I know what is going on when it comes to shortboard design and though there are many shapers out there, only a handful, have my knowledge and experience and can distinctly define what the right shape is for you.