Guns & Semi-Guns

To this day, my specialty and area of expertise are big wave guns and semi’s. I’ve taken my 40 plus years of experience surfing some of the North Shore’s largest surf ( paddled into at least) to produce some of the most functionally complete big wave shapes available. My design formulae includes and pays homage to the best, Dick Brewer’s mentorship and personal tutelage has put a solid foundation under me. Our collaborations produced ground-breaking innovations that have become gold standards for what is truly functional in the field of big wave riding, transcending decades of design relevance and influence.

Whether it is for a specific spot like Sunset, Waimea, the Outer reef breaks perhaps or maybe a trusty gun for travel, I cover every important aspect of custom design for my gun clients; from overall length and template choices to rocker and thickness volume to bottom contour and rail variance all the way to fin choices (single, 2+ 1 or thruster) and placement. As with shortboards, there are many shapers who may claim to have gun design ability but there are truly, just a few in the world that have the knowledge of experience to create a masterpiece of beauty and function for you.