“Fun” Boards

Funboard designs are some of my favorite shapes to make and surf on. After a period of resistance in my head about these kinds of shapes, thinking they were strictly for people (mostly girls) who were weaning themselves away from beginner longboarding and wanted to appear trendy and could now ride shortboards sort of, my thinking was radically altered. That was when a few years back, I received a rare order to shape 60 of them.

It wasn’t until a few of my friends who were good surfers already, started riding some of those shapes and began ripping and raved about their experiences that my thinking shifted. Of course, I had to see for myself. What I found was that funboards are exactly that, putting the fun back in and the struggle out of many surf sessions, especially at times when it is either too small and crowded for normal shortboards and longboards do not quite fit the conditions.

To the untrained eye this type of board may simply resemble small longboards or for that matter, oversized shortboards, however, they can be much more, distinctly separate in detail and design from the other, deserving greater attention and in my book, more respect for how functional they really are. For the once avid shortboarder out there who could not cut the transition to the thinned-out “potato chip” high-performance board of the 90’s, ordering a funboard could be the perfect shape to get back in the water with or really provide the “missing link” in anyone’s complete quiver.