Reno Abellira History


An heir in the direct lineage of Hawaiian-style surf greats. Reno’s surfing has taken on a host of elusive qualities that make excellence in surfing also a living, breathing art. A quiet kind of reserved nature, that may seem aloof, concealing perhaps, a tense quality of vision. Reno has seen it all, bridging the roots to embrace the present. As a young mini-gun test pilot for Brewer, and along with Lopez as surfing protégé, he became a shaping innovator in an intense period of design evolution. Like Fitz, he experimented extensively, formulating new design ideas that are now standard fare, (tri-fins, wings, concaves, later inspiring MR to twin-fin fame and fortune). A pro career, capturing a coveted title in history’s largest contest surf at Waimea and contest successes in the smallest conditions on the pro circuit, are testament to his versatility. A compact body, loosely agile, punctuates his style, shuttling him in transit, a functional lack of wasted moves, efficiently executed all in the name of speed. Uniquely right now, uniquely Reno.

Photo courtesy of Lance Trout